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26 Expert Tips That You Should Know Before Starting a Blog

26 Expert Tips That You Should Know Before Starting a Blog

Starting a blog for the first time can be a whim-whams-stranding experience. There’s a lot of incitation, but at the same time, there’s a fear of the unknown. You want to do everything the RIGHT way and avoid all major risks, so your blog can be successful. In our 12 times of blogging, we’ve made numerous miscalculations and learned from them. Over the last decade, our blogs have entered well over a billion page views. In the moment’s composition, we will partake in the “expert tips” that we wish we knew before starting our first blog. 

Expert tips for starting a blog. 

Pro Tip We have a step-by-step companion on how to start a blog (the RIGHT WAY) from setting it up, to optimizing it, securing it, and also making plutocrat from it. This companion has been used by hundreds of thousands of callers, and it’s 100 free. Having that said, then are the assignments that Beginner author, Syed Balkhi, has over the last 12 times of blogging.

1. Choose The Right Platform.

A lot of folks start with popular free blogging platforms like Blogger, Medium, or, but these blogging platforms are limited. You don’t want to waste your time there if you’re serious about blogging. 

First, you’ll have to follow the terms and conditions of these platforms, and they have the right to shut down your blog without any notice. Also, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be suitable to export your content should they shut off your blog. 

You can only use the features accessible on their platform which are limited. Utmost free platforms also circumscribe you from making plutocrat, on the other hand, gives you comprehensive freedom and control of your blog. 

You can add features, make plutocrats, or do whatever you like. WordPress powers over 31 of all websites on the internet. If you’re allowing compares to other free blogging platforms, also we’ve done the exploration for you. vs 

WordPress vs Blogger. 

WordPress vs Medium. 

WordPress vs Weebly.

WordPress vs Wix.

2. Find The Perfect Domain name. 

Choosing the right sphere name is veritably important. I had a hectically successful blog which has over2.3 a million YouTube subscribers and over 500 million videotape views. But in hindsight, I wish I didn’t add a number in the sphere because it confined us to only 25 particulars in a list. 

Then are some quick tips on choosing the stylish sphere name for your website. Stick with. com sphere extension.

Choose a sphere name that’s easy to grasp, spell, and as short as possible. Use your keywords and brand name in the sphere name. For illustration, is further hunt machine friendly, 

See our list of stylish sphere name registers to pick your sphere name. We also have a step-by-step companion on how to register a sphere name for free. 

3. Choosing The Right Hosting is Very Important.

Choosing the right web hosting is by far one of the most important opinions when starting a blog because this is where your website lines are stored. 

Numerous newcomers like the idea of getting free hosting, but choosing a free website hosting is always a bad idea, and it’ll end up going you further plutocrat and time in the end. 

4. Always Keep Regular Backups.

Frequently druggies don’t suppose about backups until it’s too late. In the early days, I chose a cheap web hosting provider that wasn’t veritably well-known, and they had tackled failure. I lost my entire website because I didn’t have a backup. 

Numerous hosting companies offer limited backups. Still, these backups aren’t guaranteed, and a tackle failure can beget you to lose data as well as the backup. Backups are your first line of cover against brute force attacks, hacking, and data theft. They’re the first step to ameliorating your WordPress security and keeping your website safe. 

There is a plenitude of dependable WordPress backup plugins that allow you to record automatic backups and store them in remote locales like Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and more. Need to set up WordPress backups now? Then’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to coagulate your Word Press point using UpdraftPlus. 

In the early days, one of my first websites was hosted on a free host which was going OK until one day they shut down without notice.  My entire website was gone with no way to refresh it.  I lost months of hard work. 

This is why it’s important to choose an estimable hosting company. Then are many effects you need to consider There are different types of hosting plans like participated hosting, managed hosting, VPS, and more. You need to pick a plan that suits your requirements and budget. Compare reviews of different hosting companies. 

Support is important for newcomers, and you won’t make sure that there is a plenitude of options to get help when you need it. For those who’re just getting started, we recommend using Bluehost because they’re a sanctioned WordPress recommended hosting provider. They’re also offering our compendiums a free sphere name 65 reductions on hosting. 

Our alternate choice for hosting is SiteGround. They’re also officially committed by WordPress, and they’re known for their great support. For further on this content, see our companion on how to choose stylish WordPress hosting. 

5. Setup a Professional Branded Email Address.

Still, also it’s important to have a professional ingrained dispatch address If you’re serious about your blog. This goes a long way in negotiating deals with an advertiser because they suppose you’re a legal operation. 

Then’s how to fluently get a professional ingrained dispatch address for free. Plus it also helps with dispatch deliverability when transferring dispatch newsletters. This brings me to cock# 7. 

6. Setup Google Analytics from Day 1.

You can’t grow your point if you don’t know how people find and use your website. Like numerous newcomers, I too reckoned on “ guesswork” and “ planing-it” to get the job done until I learned the significance of website analytics. 

Google Analytics is the stylish analytics software in the world used by millions of websites. It allows you to see your most popular content, where your callers are coming from, and more. 

It also helps you track stoner engagement across your website, which helps you ameliorate your business using real figures rather than guesswork. However, also you can use it to track guests and boost your transformations If you’re running an online store. For quick setup, follow our step-by-step companion on how to install Google Analytics in WordPress. 

7. Start Building an Email List Right Away.

Over 70 of people abandoning your website noway return.  You need a way to commemorate in touch with them. This is why you need to start erecting a dispatch list. Now you may suppose, why not just make a following on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and further? 

While you should absolutely work on erecting a following on social media, you don’t enjoy these platforms. They can limit your reach to your own followers and can indeed block your account at any time. On the other hand, dispatch is still the most effective online marketing tool. You enjoy your dispatch list, and you can reach your followership without any limitations. 

For further on this content, see our composition on why you should start erecting your dispatch list right down. Not erecting a dispatch list from day 1 is still my# 1 remorse, and this is common remorse participated by numerous blogging experts. 

8. Setup special Contact Forms for Each Use Case.

In the morning, I had my dispatch address intimately displayed on the blog. This led to tons of spam advancing my way. Contact forms are veritably important and that’s why you’ll find a contact runner on nearly every website you visit. 

It’s also important to have different forms for each use case, so you can fluently filter the emails and be more effective. There is a plenitude of WordPress contact form plugins in the request. Still, utmost WordPress contact form plugins are designed for inventors. This is why I launched WPForms, with the thing of making it the most freshman-friendly contact form plugin for WordPress. 

It has further than a million active installs with 2300 five-star reviews. There’s also a free interpretation called WPForms lite that you can try. For step-by-step instructions, see this composition on how to fluently produce a contact form in WordPress. 

9. Pay Attention to Image Copyrights and Licenses.

Frequently newcomers just copy and bury images from the internet. This adds liability as your point grows. Don’t just use images from Google because you might have to pay thousands latterly in image brand violation freights. The brand proprietor can also report the runner displaying their work and ask Google to remove it from hunt results. 

Considering these costs, it’s worth paying for a Shutterstock license to get high-quality vector images to use on your website. Still, if you’re just starting out and don’t want to pay for licenses, also you can find several websites offering cc0 images. These images are kingliness-free, and you can use them on your website. 

Another way to add pictures to your website is by creating your own. Still, utmost newcomers aren’t graphic contrivers. Luckily, there are online tools like Canva which enable you to produce professional images to use on your blog. 

10.  Onsite SEO Optimization is earthshaking for Growth.

Still, also you need to pay attention to on-runner SEO from the morning If you’re serious about growing your blog and making it successful. 

SEO short for hunt machine optimization helps you get further callers to your website from hunt machines. SEO strategies are divided into two orders, off- point and on-point SEO. Onsite SEO helps you optimize your blog by making small adaptations in colorful areas. Now, this may sound a bit specialized, and it is, but there is a plenitude of tools that can help you with this. 

First, I would advise you to install AIO SEO on your website.  It’s the complete WordPress SEO plugin suite, and it’ll help you with the onsite optimization of your blog. It also allows you to fluently produce and submit sitemaps to search engines. This enables your website to get listed in Google and start appearing in hunt results. Next, you need to make internal linking a custom.  Internal links are the links you produce inside your content to your own blog posts, runners, and different areas of your website. Internal links help you increase your page views as well as companion hunt machines to understand the environment and relationship between your content. 

For further SEO tips, see our ultimate WordPress SEO companion for newcomers with step by step WordPress SEO setup. 

11. Keyword Research is VERY Important.

Frequently people write great posts, but they aren’t discoverable because they didn’t suppose about using the right keywords. Utmost newcomers follow their stylish suppositions to come up with ideas for blog posts. You don’t need to do that when there are tools that can help you find out what your druggies are looking for. You can use these keywords for your blog posts and increase your business. 

You can use a free tool like AnswerThePublic to find the questions your druggies are searching for. You can also answer those questions in your blog posts to get further to hunt business. 

Want to know which keywords are bringing business to your challengers? Use SEMRush to steal your challengers’ keywords. It also shows you paid keywords where your challengers are running paid advertising juggernauts. For further tools and ideas, see our companion on how to do keyword exploration for your WordPress blog. 

12. Catchy captions are material for Social and SEO.

People adjudge the book by its cover and blog posts by its heading. However, also you need to write catchy captions If you want to get a lot of shares. 

Google indeed uses CTR ( click-through rate) as a ranking factor, so you need to have catchy captions to get further people to click on them. How do you dissect your blog post captions? Luckily there are several tools that will help you ameliorate your captions. Then’s a list of tools that’ll help you produce better captions. 

13. Repurposing Article is a Secret Weapon for Expert Bloggers. 

You don’t always have to approach up with new blog post classics. Expert bloggers repurpose their content into vids, images, collection papers, etc. 

Following are some exemplifications of papers we’ve collected with repurposed content from our being papers. Most common WordPress crimes and how to fix them. 

32 Extremely useful tricks for the WordPress functions train. How to fix common image issues in WordPress. 

14. Useful WordPress configuration tricks that you may not know. 

You can also repurpose papers as downloadable eBooks, audio lines, or YouTube vids. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see how we exercise content from our papers to produce largely engaging videotape tutorials. This brings me to my coming tip# 14. 

15. Videos are a complete Way to Boost Engagement and Stand Out from the legion. 

Videos are the most attractive form of content on the internet. Druggies are laboriously looking for videotape content, which is why YouTube is the second-largest hunt machine in the world. 

Using vids on your blog allows you to keep druggies on your point and help them discover more happily. Over time, I’ve learned that you should noway upload vids to WordPress. Rather, I recommend using videotape hosting services like YouTube. 

We’ve our own WP Freshman Vids section to help new druggies get started with WordPress. WPBeginner’s YouTube channel has further than subscribers and 10 Million views. 

16. You can Re-share aged Posts to Boost Traffic.

Your blog posts are displayed in a rear chronological order ( newer posts appear first). This means your aged posts are buried down and aren’t fluently discoverable. 

One way to fix this is by participating in your aged papers on social media. Frequently newcomers suppose that it’s not ok to reclaim old content. It’s fully fine and expert bloggers do it all the time. 

To do this, you need to use the Revive Old Posts plugin, which allows you to automatically partake in old posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. For instructions, see our companion on how to automatically partake in your old WordPress posts. 

Need further tricks? See these tested and proven styles to promote old posts in WordPress. 

17. Diversify Your Income Stream.

The easiest way for new blogs to start making plutocrat is by displaying advertisements using Google AdSense. While Google AdSense is great, you need to diversify your income sluice. We’ve seen bloggers losing all their income when AdSense blocked their accounts for a policy violation. 

There is a plenitude of ways to make plutocrat online from your blog. You can condense your blogging income with chapter marketing, dealing with online courses, offering class plans, and more. 

Another way to boost your announcement earnings is to cover who’s advertising on your point. You can also go to them directly to exclude the middle- man. 

18. Consistency is Key.

You don’t have to post every day. But you have to be harmonious in your schedule. At WPBeginner we post formerly a day, 5 days a week. Some faddish blogs get out several new posts each day.

Choose how constantly you’ll publish and also stick to that frequency. However, also you can start with 3 posts per week and also gradationally increase your pace If you’re just starting out. 

Still, also it’s easy to slip and this is how most blogs die If you’re not chastened. You need to keep yourself motivated and don’t get detracted from your pretensions. 

19. Streamline a Flow for keeping Your Blog Post Ideas. 

There is a plenitude of online tools that you can use to store your blog ideas. As a professional blogger, you’ll frequently come up with blog post ideas during exchanges and everyday chores.  It’s consequential to jot them down before you forget.

You can use tools like Asana, Edit Flow, or Evernote to store new ideas, plan content strategy, and manage your track timetable. This is extremely important because there will be days when you’re out of ideas to write about. Having an idea bank will help you stay harmonious with your publication schedule. 

20. Setup a Place to handle All Your countersigns.

Watchwords are the doorkeeper to your WordPress website as well as your online accounts. They’re also the most common target of playing attempts. 

This is why it’s recommended to use strong and unique watchwords for all your accounts. I’m frequently asked by newcomers how to remember all those strong and unique watchwords? Well, you don’t need to. There are excellent word directors like LastPass and 1Password, which securely store all your watchwords, bus-fill them for you, and can induce strong watchwords to use. 

To learn further see our composition on the stylish way to manage watchwords for WordPress druggies. Whatever you do, just make sure that you DO NOT use the same word every place! 

21. Catenate Multiple Emails with Your Gravatar.

Gravatars are the profile pictures used by WordPress.  It’s super easy to start using Gravatar, but what utmost druggies don’t know is that you can connect multiple dispatch addresses to your gravatar. 

This allows you to use the same brand image for your commentary while using different dispatch addresses. Leaving comments on other blogs is a great way to bring attention to your new blog and get further business. To learn more, see our composition on Gravatar and why you should start using it. 

22. Comment on Other Blogs and meshes to Grow Your Brand.

Blogs are an innately social platform, allowing people to note and engage with content. To grow your brand, you need to use this point by sharing on other blogs in your niche. 

When we first started, we reflected on all applicable blogs. It’s important that you take part in applicable blogs and Facebook groups to grow your brand. This lawn-roots trouble is essential for your blog’s growth. 

It helps you get the word out about your blog, get noticed by influencers in your niche, and make new couplings on the way. 

23. About Page and Start Then couriers Are actually Important. 

You need a place to partake in your story as well as give new druggies a place to start. This is why you need to add an about runner to your blog. It allows your druggies to learn further about you, your story, and make a particular connection with your brand. 

You should also add a Launch Then runner to walk your new druggies through your most important content. This walking stint helps you snappily get new subscribers for your blog and establish your brand as an authority. Need further ideas? See our list of most important runners for your WordPress blog. 

24. Social Media is Important But Always Remember It’s Rented Land.

Remember MySpace or Orkut? We’ve seen social networks come and go. While social networks can be a great source to drive business to your blog, you should always concentrate more on particulars that you control ( i.e. your blog, newsletter, push announcements). 

There is a plenitude of clever ways you can use social media to grow your dispatch list. 

25. Start Building Brand Recognition.

In 2011, I lost 40 businesses when I redesigned WPBeginner simply because we switched color schemes which confused druggies. Thickness in your brand’s color scheme and website is pivotal for erecting brand recognition. 

There are thousands of free and paid WordPress themes which makes it tempting for newcomers to switch their website’s design and colors. You need to pick a design and stick with it so that your druggies can come familiar with your brand’s color and design. You should use your brand’s colors and totems on your wares like t-shirts, mugs, stickers, etc. You should also stay harmonious across your social media biographies. 

26. Authority Social Proof When You Can. 

Social Proof is a marketing tactic that eases clients’ minds by showing them that other guests formerly trust the brand, product, or website they’re viewing. 

As humans, we prefer to learn from other people’s gests and opinions. Marketers use this social miracle by adding social evidence to their marketing juggernauts and websites. You need to use this to help show trust and grow your blog/ business. You can add social evidence by participating in your total subscriber count, adding website ensigns where you’re featured, displaying your growth pointers, number of downloads, and more. 

Hopefully, you plant this blogging advice helpful, and I wish it helps you avoid some of the miscalculations that I made when starting a blog. You may also want to see these practicable tips to drive business to your new WordPress point.

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