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10 Best Blogging Tools To Grow Your Blog

14 Blogging Tools Every Blogger Should Be Using

Are you having affection finding stylish blogging tools for your website or blog?  

Still, I too had faced the same mind-numbing situation, If it’s any consolation. And, to add further complexity, all the other blogs that I had referred, to offered a confusing list of 50-100 tools for blogging. 

Let me tell you one entity, at the earliest phase of your blog, you don’t bear so beaucoup tools. 

Just the consequential blogging tools that will help you get out blogs on hot motifs, drive engagements, produce a pious addict following, and ultimately a good character. 

So after proper exploration and through particular moxie, I am going to list down the “must-have” 22 swish blogging tools to grow your blog. 

Also, to help you understand more, I have categorized these stylish blogging tools as per their places. This includes – 

Runner Builders & Tools. 

Website Speed Optimization Tools. 

Keywords Research Tools. 

Writing & Editing Tools. 

Grammar Check & Proofreading Tools. 

Stock Photos Tools. 

Graphics Designing implements. 

SEO devices. 

Social Media Management Tools. 

Airmail Marketing Tools. 

Analytics & Reporting Tools. 

Let’s dive directly in to explore the best tools for blogging. 

Page Builders & Tools

You must be wondering why you would need a courier builder after battling the battle of chancing the swish WordPress theme. 

In common, the WordPress theme is a fixed layout or frame of how your website would look. 

And, because of this, it has over 4 million operating installations on WordPress.  While runner builders or runner editing tools are WordPress plugins that enable you to change the fixed layout of your website. 

Yes, with the help of runner builders, you’ll have the power to produce stupendous levee runners and redesign your homepage for a better first print. 

1. Elementor

Elementor is a runner builder WordPress plugin that allows you to produce and design your runners/ website live with the help of a drag & drop stoner interface. 

It’s one of the stylish blogging tools in the category of runner builders. And, because of this, it has over 4 million operating initiations on WordPress. In simple terms, 4 million addicts are using Elementor to bedeck their websites and blogs. 

So, if you are a beginner or indeed a doyen, you must have Elementor in your magazine of swish tools for blogging. 

Other Reasons To Use Elementor – 

Easy live editing with snooze & drop builder.  

Beginner-friendly user interface. 

Huge library of widgets. 

Several types of professionally prepared-made templates. 

Easily add responsiveness to your runners. 

Capability to erected affecting popups. 

Various stir goods. 

Requires little to no coding knowledge. 

Autosaves your work.

Hundreds of third-party integration. 

While you get consummate of the “ cool stuff” in the free plan itself, you can increase the power of the Elementor runner builder and blogging tool by getting one of its award plans. 

2. Thrive, Architect,

Another feather in the cap of stylish tools for blogging is Thrive architect. It’s an ultraexpensive WordPress plugin to make responsive runners for your website/ blog through the Other Reasons To Use Thrive Architect – 

Instant drag & drop runner structure. 

Freshman-friendly that requires no rendering chops. 

Tons of pre-erected elements ( also includes conversion- acquainted rudiments). 

A library of ready-made runner templates. 

Flexible layouts and design options.

Responsive editing and functionality. 

Catchy robustness and goods. 

Flawless integration with dispatch marketing services. 

The premium plans start at just$ 67 for one website/ blog. drag & drop addict interface. 

3. WP-Optimize

WP-Optimize is an each-in-one WordPress plugin that has all the capabilities to make your website presto and well optimized. 

This plugin is also one of the free blogging devices that I’m using for my blog itself. After comparing WP-Optimize with other “ notorious” hiding and optimization plugins, I can proudly say that I am truly consequential happy and satisfied with its services. 

You’d be also glad to know that apart from making your point presto, WP-Optimize also provides top-notch image and database optimizations. You don’t have to calculate on other tools for this. 

Other Reasons To Use WP-Optimize – 

Makes your blog briskly through caching. 

Database cleaning. 

Compress and optimize image quality. 

Performs instinctual cleanups. 

Hiding for mobile bias. 

GZIP compression. 

Image lazy cargo. 

Cache preloading for extra speed. 

Multilingual and multi-currency chime. 

Unlimited point usage. 

Nearly all the below-mentioned features are enough for new blogs and are also included in the free plan itself. Because of this value (and further in premium plans), WP-Optimize becomes one of the stylish tools for blogging. 

4. Semrush

Semrush calls itself an each-by-one marketing suite for digital marketers and stoners from across the globe who truly well admit this fact. 

Depending on your needs analogous to keyword disquisition, contender analysis, business analysis, or anything related to understanding and growing your business, Semrush has it all. 

Hence, Semrush deserves a singular place among ultra-expensive stylish blogging tools. 

Other Reasons To Use Semrush – 

Stylish in-class keywords combing capabilities. 

Keyword difficulty.

Complete competitor analysis that includes organic, paid, and other campaigns. 

On-runner SEO analyzer. 

The ranking or position tracking. 

Social media dogging. 

Traffic analyzer. 

Keywords Magic Tool to get happy ideas. 

Ad builder with advertising exploration. 

Detailed reporting and performance insights. 

Backlink tracking.

complete website/ blog auditing.

Along with these features, there are several other advantages you can reap with Semrush. There’s a generous 30 days trial period and the first paid plan starts at$99.95/ month. 

5. Google Docs

Google Docs needs no introduction. I’m sure that you must have at least used this formerly. 

But just be on the same runner, I would reluctantly remind you that Google Docs is a free online writing and document editing tool. 

To pierce Google Docs, all you need is a Google account (which everyone has now). And, because of this account linking, you get to save your forms online and pierce them from anywhere & from any device. 

Other Reasons To Use Google Docs – 

Utmost convenient means of online notation and creating documents. 

Offers developed toolset for editing and styling.

Numerous templates of capsules, reports, and other docs. popular through Google chronicle. 

Use on any artifice and from anywhere. 

Amazingly, also works without the internet.

Partake and collaborate with your teammates. 

Autosaves your work. 

Proselyte Word lines to Google Docs and vice versa. 

Download your Google Docs column in multiple formats. 

Save and categorize in Google Drive. 

Google Docs is one of the all-right free blogging tools. Simply sign in with your Google account and you are good to go. 

Now, you might be wondering, why am I commending ultra-expensive blogging tools for beginners? Well, if you are satisfied with limited features and ready to experience your blog’s design also there’s no problem in passing it. 

But if you bear to take your blog’s/ website’s arrangement seriously, you should employ Thrive Mastermind. 

6. Microsoft Word Online

Microsoft Word Online is another free blogging device that is worth advertising. It’s the online interpretation of your conventional MS Word installed on your laptop. 

From writing online and creating Word documents to easily baptizing them, the online interpretation of Microsoft Word offers everything. 

Since every laptop comes with Microsoft Office preinstalled, it’s easy to cultivate a Microsoft account. And, supposedly, that’s the only thing demanded to pierce Microsoft Word Online. 

Other accounts To Use Microsoft Word Online – 

A good means to write and create online forms. 

Numerous content editing and styling options. 

A beaucoup.

Ready-made templates of flyers, reports, etc. 

Affordable from any artifice and from anywhere.

Autosaves your advancement. 

Easy uploading and downloading of documents. 

One-click saving to your OneDrive.

partaking and uniting with others. 

Just like Google Docs, Microsoft Word Online is a free-to-use jotting and editing tool. It also comes with a repository space of 5 GB on OneDrive. This space and more advanced features can be loosened by copping a decoration plan. 

7. Pexels

Pexels is another popular archive of free stock prints and vids. A large neighborhood of shooters and creators come together to partake in their work. And, most importantly, offer their work ( prints, video, etc.) for free.  

Other Reasons To Use Pexels – 

Fully free stock prints library. 

High-resolution images.

Free for corporate uses.

No image criterion is challenged. 

All images are impeccably tagged and easily discoverable through the quest.

One-click download option.

Trust me, I tête-à-tête use Pexels (and Pixabay) to find relevant free images. You won’t be dissatisfied with the image collection and ultimately, this makes Pexels one of the reliable free blogging tools for icons. 

8. Canva

Still, chances are that you’ve ascertained about Canva If you are on any digital spaces or platforms. Yes, it’s that popular and largely used. 

Yet if you are still among those percentage of people who are ignorant of this gem of a plate aiming tool also allows me to tell you more. 

Canva is a numbers designing tool through which you can design any kind of plates, emblems, bills, blog point images, social media posts, or literally anything. And, because of this, Canva is my particular favorite swish blogging tool. 

Other Reasons To Use Canva – 

A free-to-use graphics designing tool.

Ready-made templates for all daises and occasions.

Custom templates and redrafting. 

Royal aiming through drag & drop interface. 

Pre-made social media graphics designs & templates. 

A small library of stock pics. 

Uploading of our own photographs. 

Huge library of fonts.

Plates administrant. 

Publish adulterants and belongings. 

Tons of free gods, shapes, and rudiments. 

Easy associating with your better halves.

Integration with other assignments. 

One-click downloading (in different arrangements) and sharing.

(Check out Canva Review for in-deepness analysis).

Canva is literally the à la mode value-packed plate designing tool available in the demand that offers the ultimate of the designing features for free. You would be amazed to know that we have slightly scratched the face. And, to go deep down in the realm of designing, you could subscribe to its decoration plan of$9.95/ month. 

9. Sprout Social

Another feather in the cap of stylish blogging tools is Sow Social. If you have some spare bucks to invest also this is the ultimate each-by-one social media management tool. 

Sow Social empowers you to get out, reach, engage, hand, and altogether make stronger connections on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. 

Along with these basic but important factors of social media marketing, Sow Social is also known to offer several top-notch social management features. 

Other accountings To apply Sprout Social – 

All-in-one concoct for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. 

Connect multiple social media character sketches. 

Social content calendar. 

Fluently manage reviews across stages.

A unique social CRM tool. 

Detailed and discerning reports. 

Paid promotion tools.

Posts enrolling for the optimal time. 

Twitter trend analysis. 

iOS and Android apps.

And, as said earlier, if you subscribe to other higher plans, Sow Social will help you unleash the full power of social media marketing and its easy operation. The introductory plan – Standard comes with a price marker of$ 99/ month. 

10. Google Analytics

Now, with your sphere/ website catenated with Google Search Console, you can easily cover how guests are coming to your blog from quest machines. 

But this is exactly half the work done.  We should also gauge how these guests are interacting on your blog. For case, these relations include – how long they are staying on a flyspeck blog post, where are they geographically located, are clicking any links, etc. 

Generally, this is a veritably tedious operation, but with the help of Google Analytics, you can do it in a jiffy. 

Other Reasons To Use Google Analytics – 

Fully free to use. 

Requires a simple setup procedure. 

Detailed insights on guests’ gest. 

Compare account with custom date ranges. 

Track changeovers by setting intentions. 

Deep geographic data. 

Unembellished Google AdWords and Google Search Console integration.

Keyword source particulars.

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