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30 Best Blogging Tips for Beginners 2022

30 Best Blogging Tips for Beginners 2022

There are a lot of ways to start a blog. So numerous ways, that it might be inviting for newcomers. And if you miss an important step, it could affect the winner your blog has in the future.

But, don’t worry! 

We’ve got you covered with 30 blogging tips for newcomers. In this post, we’ll share blogging tips on everything from erecting a website to writing blog posts to dispatch marketing. Since this is a lengthy post, then a table of contents to guide you through the different types of blogging tips and tricks.


Getting Started. 

Creating and Designing Your Blog. 

Installing Essential Plugins.

Planning Your Content. 

Writing Blog Posts. 

Improving SEO. 

Publishing Blog Posts. 

Promoting Your Blog. 

Participating in the Blogging Community. 

Building a Dispatch List. 

Monetizing Your Blog.

Tracking the Success of Your Blog. 

Streamlining and Perfecting Your Blog. 

Ready? Let’s go! 

Getting Started. 

Before you start erecting a website right down, check out these tips for the planning of your blog. 

1. Do Some Research.

Like with numerous other new tasks you take on in your life before you begin blogging, you’re going to want to do some exploration to learn a little further about it. 

You can read a ton of distant posts about blogging online. But, we suppose that after reading this post and our post on how to start a blog, you’ll have all the information you need to start your own blog. 

2. Figure Out Why You Want to Start a Blog.

Before you start blogging, choose out why you want to start a blog in the first emplacement. Do you want to start a blog? 

Just for fun? 

For participating in your knowledge of a particular content? 

To promote a being business and add content to your website? 

To make redundant plutocrat online? 

For helping other people? 

To start a work-from-home business? 

Write a short “ why” statement for your blog. Writing a “ why” statement will help you determine the main thing and it’ll help you make better opinions for your blog in the future. 

3. Decide on a Blog Niche.

Next, you have to decide what you’re going to blog about. The content you write about on your blog is also known as a blog niche. 

Choosing a blog niche will help you keep your content concentrated on 1 main subject. This will also help you attract pious followership of compendiums. For illustration, The Cup of Life blog is each about tea. 

tea-blog- niche 

Sticking to a blog niche makes it easy for them to attract pious compendiums that are interested in all effects of tea. Tea suckers will be more attracted to a blog that’s all about tea and read all of their posts, rather than a blog that’s about a number of different motifs. For further tips on choosing a blog niche, check out our post on blog niche ideas and how to choose the right bone. 

4. Have an affection For Your Niche. 

Remember, when deciding on your niche, choose a commodity you’re passionate about, rather than picking a niche just because you suppose it’ll be profitable. 

When you have a passion for what you’re writing about, writing blog posts will be more pleasurable. Plus, your compendiums will be suitable to see your passion in your jotting, making them more likely to enjoy your blog and trust your opinions and advice. 

5. Set Goals.

A lot of people start blogging for fun, so they don’t need to set pretensions. But, if you want to make a plutocrat from your blog or turn it into a full-time business, you should set pretensions. 

Setting pretensions will help keep you on track and make it easier for you to cover your progress. Start off small with your pretensions and as you meet them, you can set bigger pretensions. You can set pretensions for how numerous pageviews you want to get, how numerous subscribers you want, or how important a plutocrat you want to earn. 

6. Choose the Right Blogging Platform. 

To set yourself up for success from the launch, you need to choose the right blogging platform. Numerous blogging newcomers are tempted to use free blogging platforms to save plutocrat. 

But, we don’t recommend using free blogging platforms. When you use a free blogging platform, you don’t have full control over your blog, your customization capacities are limited, and you can’t make plutocrats from your blog. 

That’s why we recommend to start a blog. is the most popular blogging platform in the world, it’s easy to use, you have endless customization options, and you’re suitable to make plutocrat from your blog., you can fluently produce any type of blog you want. Plus, it’s free to apply, you only need to pay for blog hosting. 

7. Pick the Perfect Blog Name.

Take time to choose the complete name for your blog. Your blog name is frequently the first thing people will see, so it has to snare people’s attention if you want them to check out your blog. 

Check out these tips for choosing the complete blog name. You can likewise use Blog Tyrant’s Free Domain Generator to help you come up with a good blog name. 

blog- a dictator- sphere- creator Enter 1 or 2 keywords and the tool will list a ton of blog name ideas. You can also use the tool to get your asked sphere name for free with Bluehost. 

8. Pick the Best Blog Hosting Service. is free to use to make your blog. But, to make your blog live on the internet, you bear a blog hosting courtesy. 

We recommend using Bluehost. It’s the most stoner-friendly and dependable web hosting service on request. It’s also officially recommended by WordPress and comes with a 1-click WordPress installation, so you can set up your WordPress blog super snappily. 

Bluehost-blog-hosting. Plus, Blog Dictator compendiums get a special Bluehost deal of 60 off of web hosting. This deal also comes with a free sphere name.  That means you can start your blog for only$2.75 per month! 


We’ve partnered up with Bluehost to get 60 off for our compendiums! You also get to register a FREE sphere for a time which typically costs around$14.99 per time. 


9. Learn the Difference Between vs. 

In the former section, you might have noticed that we 

A lot of new bloggers confuse the 2 different platforms, so make sure you know the difference. Check out our to learn further about each platform and is the better choice. 

10. Use a Complex Username and Password.

When setting up your website and Bluehost, remember to choose a complex username and word to cover your blog. 

Rather than using “ 12345” for your word, use a word creator to come up with a commodity more secure. 

11. Add an SSL Certificate.

As we mentioned before, with Bluehost you get a free SSL instrument for your blog. An SSL instrument will secure your website, without one, your website will show up as “ not secure.” 

In Bluehost, go to My Spots» Manage Point and also click on the Security tab and enable the Free SSL Certificate. For further information on SSL, check out this composition on how to get SSL for your blog. 

Creating and Designing Your Blog. Once you have a WordPress website, it’s time to start creating and looking at your blog. How your blog looks is important to compendiums and your website needs to have certain runners and features to capture the attention of callers. 

Check out these tips for creating a great-looking blog. 

12. Decide on Your Brand. 

Before you start looking at your blog, decide what you want your brand to be.  

To decide on your brand, suppose about what print you want to give compendiums and what you want them to feel when they see your blog. For illustration, do you want your blog to give off a potful and creative vibe?  Or do you want it to be more earnest? 

Deciding on your brand will help you choose the right blog design, colors, fountain, images, and more. 

13. Check Out Other Blogs For arrangement Alleviation. 

Still, check out other blogs for alleviation, If you’re not sure what you want your brand to be or what your blog should look like. Looking at other successful blogs will show you which designs look stylish and it’ll give you lots of ideas of what you can include on your blog. 

Write down what colors you like, which layouts look best, what runners you need, and what features you want. This will make choices on a theme for your WordPress blog much easier. 

14. Create a Coming Soon Page.

Before your blog goes live, you can produce a “ Coming Soon” runner to make excitement and collect emails from people that are interested in checking out your content. This helps make sure you have agitated followership for your blog launch day. 

You can fluently produce a stunning coming soon runner, like the one below, with Seedpod. seedpod coming soon runner. With Seed Pods drag and drop runner builder, you can produce a coming soon runner for your blog in twinkles. 

15. Use the Right WordPress Theme. 

WordPress themes make it easy to give your blog a professional look in a moment. But, since there are so numerous WordPress themes on the request, it can be delicate to decide which bone to use. 

We recommend using a WordPress theme that’s eye-catching yet simple at the same time. Simple and clean WordPress themes accent easy-to-read layouts that put all of the axes on your content.

Then an illustration of one, Revolution Pro, by Studiopress. revolution-pro-studio press-theme A WordPress theme like this makes your blog look great and also gives your compendiums a better experience while reading your posts. Check out our list of stylish WordPress themes for blogs to find the right theme for you. 

16. Make Sure Your WordPress content is Mobile-Friendly. 

A ton of people rustle the web from their smartphones these daytimes.  So, numerous of your compendiums will view your blog from their smartphones as well. 

When choosing a theme, make sure it’s mobile-friendly so that your blog will look great on all biases. 

17. Choose Good Typography. 

Choosing the right fountain for your blog is another important step in creating your website. 

You’ll want to choose a fountain that not only looks good but is easy for druggies to read. However, callers to your blog will have a bad experience and likely not return, If you choose typography that’s delicate to read. 

18. Customize Your Homepage. 

WordPress themes look great right out of the box. But, you should customize them to make them special to you. 

For illustration, you can produce a custom blog totem and image for your homepage to match your brand. Then how the blog Side Hustle Nation does it 

side- hustle- nation-homepage. 

Notice the eye-catching totem in the top left corner. And rather than using a stock image, the main image on the homepage is one of the blog proprietors. 

Utmost WordPress themes let you fluently upload your own prints and totem so that your theme matches your brand. 

19. Use a drip and Drop Page Builder Plugin.

For WordPress newcomers, it can occasionally be delicate to produce custom runners for your blog. Luckily, you can use a drag and drop runner builder plugin like Seedpod to make it easier. 

seedpod drag and drop runner builder. With Seedpod, you can produce deals runners, dispatch option runners, webinar runners, coming soon runners, thank you runners, and much further. 

The drag and drop builder is super easy to use and you can see the changes you make to your runner in real-time. Plus, they’ve 100 templates and-made wharf runner-specific blocks like contact forms, social biographies, preamble timekeepers, and more, so you can get started snappily. 

20. Create an About Me Page.

Your compendiums want to get to know you, so don’t forget to add an About Me runner to your blog. 

Check out this stupendous About Me runner from the blog Tech Smart Ma. About-me- runner- illustration 

An About Me runner that has a print of you and information about who you’re will make your compendiums feel more connected to you and your blog. When they feel a connection with you, they’re more likely to come to your biggest suckers. 

21. Add Content to the Sidebar. 

After creating all of the runners you need on your website, don’t forget to add content in the sidebar. 

With WordPress, you can add sidebar contraptions to display effects like your most recent posts, most popular posts, blog commentary, a dispatch signup box, and more. 

22. scribble a Tagline for Your Blog.

A tagline will help druggies understand what your blog is about and it’s good for hunt machine optimization (SEO) as well. Then what does Blog Tyrant’s tagline looks like? blog- dictator-tagline 

Go to Appearance» Customize and also click on Site Identity to change the tagline. 

23. Add Links to Your Social Media Biographies. 

Don’t forget to add links to your social media biographies on your website. This will help you grow your social media following, connect with your compendiums on different platforms, and keep them streamlined on your blog at all times. 

Then’s a great tutorial on how to add social media icons to WordPress menus. And also check out the companion on the stylish Facebook plugin for WordPress. 

Installing Essential Plugins. WordPress plugins let you customize your blog indeed further and make it more important. 

Take a look at our recommendations of the imperative WordPress plugins you need for your blog.  

24. All in One SEO. 

arioso WordPress plugin 

All in One SEO is one of the most popular WordPress plugins ever created. This plugin will help you optimize your entire website so that you can appear advanced in hunt machine results. 

With All in One SEO, indeed newcomers can fluently set up meta titles and descriptions, XML sitemaps, image SEO, and more. 

The decoration interpretation comes with indeed more important features. 

 25. Monster Insights. 

 monster insights-plugin 

Monster Insights is the stylish Google Analytics plugin for WordPress blogs. With Monster Insights you can fluently integrate your Google Analytics regard with your blog. 

This will let you track your blog business and other important analytics from right inside your WordPress dashboard. Use the free interpretation or check out the decoration interpretation for further features. 

26. WP Forms. 

Wp forms-lite-plugin 

To make stronger connections with your compendiums, they should also be suitable to fluently get in touch with you. Add a contact form to your blog to let them do so. 

You can fluently add a simple contact form to your blog using the free interpretation of WP Forms. 

Contact forms can also help you get further openings since businesses will be suitable to communicate you directly from your site. However, unlimited forms, and unlimited entries, If you want more advanced features for your forms like advanced fields. 

27. Sucuri Security. 

Sucuri- Security plugin. 

Security exertion auditing. 

Train integrity monitoring. 

Cover your blog from pitfalls with a security plugin like Sucuri. The free plugin offers features like. 

Remote malware surveying. 

And further. 

You can also upgrade to the pro interpretation of Sucuri for more advanced features. 

28. Updraft Plus.

Updraft Plus. 

Updraft Plus is a favorite WordPress backup plugin. However, Updraft Plus can incontinently restore your point, If you get addressed or your website goes down. 

A backup plugin will make sure you don’t lose all of the hard work you put into your point, in case commodity bad happens. 

29. WP Rocket. 

WP Rocket.

A presto website is important; if your blog is slow to load, people aren’t going to stick around. A slow blog will beget you to lose compendiums, subscribers, and it can indeed affect your SEO results. 

WP Rocket is a caching plugin that will boost the runner cargo speed of your blog and ameliorate the performance of your point. 

30. Akismet Anti-Spam.


Akismet will check each comment on your blog and sludge out the bones that look like spam. This plugin will help keep your blog free of spam, which can be annoying for you and your compendiums. 

Planning Your Content. Now that you’ve erected your blog and you’ve got it looking great, it’s time to start planning content for your blog. 

Before you start writing, check out these tips.

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